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“I want to like Walmart. I really do. I just can’t.”


(Wal-Mart Exterior/Wikimedia Commons)

That’s what my friend Michael Liccione says, and, unfortunately, I must agree with him. “Unfortunately” because I want to like Wal-Mart since it brings genuine savings to the consumer (see reason 2 of Professor Bainbridge’s critique of Wal-Mart), and especially because it educes the irrational ire of so many on the Left. But both for the reasons Michael adumbrates–namely, “Dangeous parking lots, inconsistent stocking, women wearing pajamas and thongs, and butts so wide you can’t get around them in the aisles.”– and Stephen Bainbridge expounds, I sadly can’t. If you like Wal-Mart, feel free to comment explaining why. I’m entirely open to being disabused on the subject.


  1. First, the ire is because they treat their employees horribly. I guess that’s okay with you.
    Second, when you sell crap, in crappy neighborhoods, you get the pj wearing, gum smacking, loud mouths in slippers.

  2. Rinku Mathew says:

    Re: 1, of course treating employees horribly is never okay Kathy. If and when they do that, Wal-Mart deserves our reproach, but the suggestion of the Left to have mandatory increases in the minimum wage is preposterous. It hurts employees, employers, and consumers. It’s just bad economic policy. Vide:

    Re: 2, that might be so, but it’s incorrect and unfair to suggest that they sell crap. I’ve shopped at Wal-Mart and have found the products–cameras, flashdrives, school supplies, etc– to be comparable to what I buy elsewhere.