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Chris Date Debates William Albrecht On The Nature Of Hell

This blog has been in hibernation since last year, but I would be remiss if on my return to the blogosphere I didn’t make good on a promise I made to Chris Date, an acquaintance with whom I’ve had nothing but the friendliest of interactions, to promote his debate with William Albrecht. Like yours truly, Albrecht is Catholic and he defends the notion that Christian theology teaches that the character of Hell is that of eternal suffering, whereas Date is a Protestant of the Reformed (i.e., Calvinistic) Tradition who defends the notion that Christian theology teaches that the impenitents in the final state shall be annihilated rather than suffering either the pains of loss or sense endlessly. Although I’m unfamiliar with Albrecht’s work, Date is an able advocate for his position,  and so this should prove useful if for no other reason than as an entree into annhilationist thought, a rising movement within Evangelical Protestantism.

Elmore Leonard’s Rules For Good Writing

If you haven't heard already, Elmore Leonard died today at his home in Bloomfield Township, Mich. He was 87. Proving again that fame is a vain pursuit, I'm constantly surprised by the number of people who're either completely ignorant of him or his … [Continue reading]

Getting to Know Manolo Blahnik

John Heilpern lunches with the shoe designer at the Monkey Bar and pens a flattering portrait of the man. Of his obsession with shoes, Heilpern writes: He has for many years lived in London and in historic Bath, in southwestern England, where his … [Continue reading]

Remember This When Reading Andrew Sullivan … [Continue reading]

MoDo On What The Clintons Are All About

How quickly the world forgets. Is there any doubt that the Clintons, of course, would belong to Slytherin? (HT: Allen Estrin/Dennis Prager Blog) … [Continue reading]

What Happens When The Good Merely Look On And Do Nothing

Via Keith Burgess-Jackson, comes a reminder of a commonplace but important truth from John Stuart Mill. Remember it when faced with a choice. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. (John … [Continue reading]

American Economic Association’s Symposium on The Top One Percent

Abstract from Facundo Alvaredo et al's paper "The Top 1 Percent in International and Historical Perspective" : The top 1 percent income share has more than doubled in the United States over the last 30 years, drawing much public attention in recent … [Continue reading]

From Lou Gehrig to Alex Rodriguez: A Study in Decline

(Lou Gehrig/Wikimedia Commons) Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review and columnist for Politico, writes: The difference between the two Yankees is the difference between going away with grace when no one wants you to leave, and sticking around, … [Continue reading]

“I want to like Walmart. I really do. I just can’t.”

(Wal-Mart Exterior/Wikimedia Commons) That's what my friend Michael Liccione says, and, unfortunately, I must agree with him. "Unfortunately" because I want to like Wal-Mart since it brings genuine savings to the consumer (see reason 2 of Professor … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Cynicism and Constructing a Civilization of Love

(Pope Benedict XVI) Asking for divine assistance in constructing a civilization of love might seem like quaint and trite piety. But that's only because we fail to realize the difficulty and enormity of the task. When I observe how human beings treat … [Continue reading]